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Welcome to iNOTZ

"Just flow through your clinical notes"

Transcription replacement with automatic staging and ICD10 coding

Physician time savings of up to 20% per week

Up to 50% reduction in documentation costs

Paperless solution - replaces hard printed copies of patient questionnaire and more!


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Why you should use iNOTZ
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  • iNOTZ   is a comprehensive system for cancer annotations

  • It is menu-driven using the iPad and the only fully digital system

  • Eliminates any drudgery associated with conventional annotation

  • Physician designed and orientated

  • Compliant with all AMA recommendations (Stack, AMA Wire, 16-Sep-2014) namely

  1. Enhances physician's ability to provide high-quality patient care

  2. Supports team-based care

  3. Promotes care co-ordination

  4. Includes modularity and configurability

  5. Reduces the cognitive workload

  6. Promotes data exchange

  7. Facilitates patient engagement

  8. Post-implementation feedback

  • Acts as a check list

  • Data input possible by multiple users including the patient

  • Includes a digital-based patient questionnaire (past and family histories)

  • Navigation is semi-automatic

  • Automatic staging and coding

  • The learning curve is short

  • Saves time hence, money - on average $10,000 per physician, per year

  • Can be customized for individual requirements

  • Communicates with other software systems (such as MOSAIQ® from Elekta®) via HL7 compliant interfaces to import results and/or data from other systems, departments or laboratories

  • Cancer trials compatible (ALL required data are collected all the time)

  • Contains a paperless option (via electronic screen signature)

  • System configuration changes are based on client’s requests for a fee


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iNOTZ   is a subscription product based on the number of provider users per medical practice.


Quarterly and discounted Annual options are available.

Please contact us to learn more about pricing options tailored to suit the size of your practice or institution.

For customers of greater than ten providers per facility, the average cost of iNOTZ   per physician will be discounted according to the total number of users.




Available now from the iTunes App store.

Contact us for login information. 

inotz itunes app store

(USA store)

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How do I get iNOTZ?
Case study




Dr Randy Sorum inotz


Dr. Randy Sorum is a board certified radiation oncologist based in Olympia, WA, USA.


Dr. Sorum dislikes dictating and when he discovered the free text and menu based approach that iNOTZ® offers, he was excited to switch from a traditional transcription service to using iNOTZ®.


Keeping up to date with clinical documentation is a challenge facing all oncologists and as a result, Dr. Sorum was interested in embracing iNOTZ® and making his documentation more efficient.

"Since I changed to iNOTZ back in 2013, it has saved me so much time and frustration – it has replaced my transcription service and is enabling my office to go paperless."

Randy Sorum, MD

Board Certified Radiation Oncologist

Olympia, WA, USA

OnICS  Ltd presents iNOTZ  in conjunction
with MOSAIQ from Elekta
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iNOTZ® was able to deliver this outcome for Dr. Sorum in saving him over 6 hours on average per week in comparison to how he was working before. Due to the nature of how iNOTZ® captures and formats clinical information, Dr. Sorum has been able to create extra detailed notes in a faster time frame than using more traditional Electronic Medical Record (EMR) templates or dictated notes using a transcription service.

This is largely due to:

iPad based enabling mobility – During this time of significant telemedicine, iNOTZ® is ideal for creating medical documents from anywhere due to the design of iPad based applications. Also, use when on call or at tumor boards.

•Eliminates dictation and transcription with no transcription corrections

•Reduced costs due to no payments to transcription services.

•Communication with Elekta's MOSAIQ® Oncology Information System via CCDA export and ESI document import interfaces.

•Menu driven creation of History of Present illness (21 tumor sites)

•Immediate availability of the note for communication to referring physician

•Automatic ICDo10 in addition to F and Z coding for family and social history.

Note: MOSAIQ® is a registered trademark of Elekta AB (publ) and iNOTZ®    is a trademark of OnICS LTD

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