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5.0) iNOTZ Administrative Content

5.1) Automatic disease coding (from menu items selected)

5.1.1) ICD10 (approx. 20,000) All F-codes All Z-codes

5.1.2) ICDo10 (Oncology specific, with SNOMED and tumor grade codes)

5.2) Automatic disease staging (from menu items selected)

5.2.1) TNM

5.2.1) FIGO

5.2.3) Dukes’

5.2.4) MAC, modified Astler-Coller

5.3) Automatic Current Procedures Terminology coding (CPT, USA billing)

5.3.1) Radiotherapy (β-testing in progress)

5.3.2) Chemotherapy (β-testing in progress)

5.3.3) Surgery (in construction - please contact us if you would like to be a β tester)

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