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2.0) Requirements for Electronic Health records

2.1) Clinical data acquisition must be fully digital. This requires a clinical electronic data-point menu input system

2.2) Translation of clinical data-points into fluent text.

2.3) Eliminate typing and dictation/transcription but, the spoken and/or typed word can be transcribed by voice recognition if needed.

2.4) Navigation should be semi-automatic and intuitively obvious with optional voice command.

2.5) Identification: photography for patient ID/ superficial lesions & screen signature or bar code for physician ID

2.6) Data tracking to record who did what, when, why and how often as data can be input by multiple users.

2.7) Data import from other systems

2.8) Learning curve must be very short where the system imitates the clinical process with little extra to learn.

2.9) Full compliance with the Stack AMA recommendations.

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